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We have three free gifts for you. We have recorded a collection of familiar songs and poems you can download.  We also have two songs from Dolly herself.

Why should we sing with babies? There is much research regarding the benefits, but first and foremost, it’s fun for you, the baby, and the whole family!  Singing soothes the baby when she is fussy.  It creates a bond with you and your voice.  Melodies, rhythms and rhymes prepare your baby’s brain for language. Singing high and low sounds develops listening skills.  Babies learn to focus and move with the rhythm. Babies feel safe when life is predictable.  Singing about routine activities helps them know what comes next.

All of this boils down to using your singing voice as a way to express love. Your baby doesn’t care if you’re a great singer.  They only care that you’re singing to THEM!

Free Music Download!

We are excited to get to offer you two free Dolly children’s songs to enjoy with your Imagination Library books!  We hope that you are spending time reading the specially selected Imagination Library books with your child, and now you can enjoy singing along together as well.  We’re thrilled to give you “Makin Fun Ain’t Funny” and “I Believe in You”, a song Dolly wrote to accompany her favorite welcome book that every child receives, The Little Engine That Could.

To listen to and/or download a free MP3 of “I Believe in You” and “Makin Fun Ain’t Funny”, click here, then either click the Play button, or enter your email address and click the Download Now button.

Free CD Download!

Below are tracks from our own sing-along CD, “I Sing With My Baby!” You can listen to the tracks online or download them to play on your favorite media player.



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