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“Dream more, Learn more, Care more, Be more.”
– Dolly Parton

What We Do

As a local affiliate of Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library our two primary tasks are to (1) register babies, infants, and toddlers who are under the age of five to receive a free, age-appropriate book mailed to their homes, and (2) raise the funds to pay for the books and their mailing costs.

Barbara Nelson, Dolly Parton, Loren Nelson
Barbara Nelson, Dolly Parton, Loren Nelson

Our Mission

Our organization exists exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, and scientific purposes under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code, to promote literacy for all Grant County preschool children by delivering books to their homes monthly and support the expansion of Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library throughout the state of New Mexico.

Our Vision

All children in Grant County will arrive at Kindergarten’s door ready and able to succeed.
With the help of El Grito Headstart, GRMC’s Beginning Years program, local clinics, and childcare centers, we register children from birth to age five.  A child who is registered at birth will accumulate a library of 60 free books by their fifth birthday. The first book children receive is Dolly Parton’s favorite, “The Little Engine That Could” and their graduation book is “Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come!”

To help accomplish our mission and realize our vision, we have executed Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with The Dollywood Foundation, Grant County’s Beginning Years Program, Silver Health Care, Inc., and Gila Regional Medical Center’s Maternal/Child Department, Hidalgo Medical Services, Amplified Therapy, and the New Mexico Pediatric Society.  These MOUs ensure the collaboration of many of the agencies that serve Grant County families.

Our Impact


Since 2015, we’ve helped start affiliates in 24 New Mexico counties by advocating for partial state funding and by offering support and seed money for initial book costs.

We serve as the 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor for affiliates in Catron, Curry, Cibola, Harding, and Eddy Counties, and the Moreno Valley in Colfax County. We are funding books for the Quemado and Reserve School Districts in Catron County and the Grants/Cibola County School District through funds designated for this purpose.

Our Supporters

Our Partners in helping us promote literacy in Grant County, NM.

1st NM Bank
Centene Corporation
Community Foundation of Southern NM
Deseret Springs
FHL Foundartion
Vectorized Logo
Integrated Dermatology Silver City
Kiwanis Club of Silver City
Landscapes West_
Linda Zwick-Emily Bradley Memorial Fund
Rydeski Insurance_Blue Ice
Silver City Elks Association
Silver City Food Co-Op

Here is a list of current individual donors (gave since November 2021):

  • Anonymous (8)
  • Alexandra Moreira Neves & JJ Amaworo Wilson
  • Amy Baxter
  • Andrew Liccardo
  • Angie Weese
  • Anita Williams
  • Ann & Robert Winston
  • Anna Blomfield
  • Anne Sherrell
  • Ashley Nason
  • Barb Rand
  • Barbara Mora & Mitchell Barsh
  • Barbara Taylor
  • Bea McKinney
  • Becky & Roger Young
  • Bethel M. Spann
  • Beverly Lu & Randall Lemke
  • Bill & Linda Zwick
  • Bing and Mary Ewalt
  • Bonni Jo Rogers
  • Brian Etheridge & Nancy Stephens
  • Caroline & William Baldwin
  • Chris McIntosh
  • Claude & Rosemary Smith
  • Colleen Kernahan
  • Damie Nelson
  • Dan & Sydney Tuffly
  • Dan Hawley
  • Dave Chandler
  • David & Diane Oram
  • Deborah Villalba
  • Diane LaFrance
  • Donald J. Stinar
  • Emily Nelson
  • Frances Vasquez & Cathie Gomez
  • Fred & Diana Mason
  • Gary & Jeannine Jenks
  • George Muncrief
  • George R Cassell
  • Goyce Koeppl
  • Gwen & Andy Payne
  • Harry Browne & Chris Jepson
  • Heather Taylor
  • Helena D. Myers
  • Homer & Ruth Hamby
  • Hugh Epping & Deb Cookingham
  • J. Patrick & Pamela McDavitt
  • James Mathews
  • Jan Alexander
  • Jenny Sprague
  • Jill Steidl
  • Jim & Kate Mathews-Schmidt
  • Jim & Liz Thompson
  • Joanna & Jamie Meehan
  • Jodi Edens-Crocker
  • John & DeAnna Mooney
  • John & Suzanne Brack
  • Jon Bruce
  • Joyce C. Newman
  • Judi Bush
  • Judy Phillips
  • Justin & Hannah Wecks
  • Kacie Peterson
  • Karen C. Gunnison
  • Karen Kerney
  • Karen Murphy
  • Katherine Warren
  • Kathleen Kennedy
  • Kim Kindle
  • Kristen Kennedy
  • Laura & Drew Hazen
  • Lez Gonzales
  • Lillian Galloway
  • Loren & Barbara Nelson
  • Lucian Farmer & Julie Dunning-Farmer
  • Marta & Bruce Bloy
  • Mary Alice Murphy
  • Mary Barrett
  • Mary Lou Smith
  • Melanie Brown
  • Michael Leo Lane Jr.
  • Michelle Gilbert
  • Patricia de Naranjo
  • Patricia Hunt
  • Pauline & Richard Matthews
  • Penny Needham
  • Peter Falley
  • Porfirio & Margaret Perez
  • Ray Lozano & Theresa Murphy 
  • Rick & Val Inklebarger
  • Robert & Marie Martin
  • Ron & Barbara Gabioud
  • Ron & Yvette Troy
  • Rosie & Joe Placencia
  • Sally Ginet
  • Sandra & Paul Michaud
  • Sarah Zamora
  • Scott & Laurel Johnson
  • Shannon Horcasitas
  • Sharon Kay
  • Sharyn McDonald
  • Shirley J. Triguero 
  • Stephanie Vaughn
  • Steven & Colleen Walker
  • Susan & Elliott Price
  • Susan Golightly
  • T.O. Garner
  • Terry Anderson
  • Tom & Consuelo Hester
  • Torie Grass & Jim Goodkind
  • Troy White
  • Tyrell & Amanda Lane
  • Valdeen C. Wooton
  • Valerie McCaffrey
  • William & Linda Bruce
  • Zoey Cronin



1915 N Swan St, Silver City, NM 88061

Mailing Address: PO BOX 513, Silver City, NM 88062

(575) 519-4464